About us

Who we are:

My Flavor Catering & Allied Services Company is a company with a license to work under the provisions of the Companies Act No. 21 of 1997 (applied in 2004) with Ministry of Commercial and Industrial, General Directorate of Companies Registration, Kurdistan Region of Iraq.
The owner of the company has a broad Operational and Managerial experience in Kurdistan's giant Catering companies serving for vast area of industries ranging from Corporate Industries (Oil & Gas, Energy, Construction, Consumer Goods etc.) to Development sectors (NGOs, Hospitals, Schools etc.)
My Flavor Catering & Allied Services Company is a team of experienced cooking professionals who can make recipe substitutions, plan menus, safely prepare, and transport large amounts of food. They are also aware of the most-up-to-date food safety laws and regulations.Our professionals are able to offer options for clients with food allergies and alter their cooking methods to conformreligious dietary requirements or personal preferences. They have also expertise in décor, table arrangement as well as in setting up, running and clearing the dining room.
Our cleaning staff is a group of professionals familiar with cleaning chemicals for specific tasks and safety procedures (for example when using solvents to remove graffiti or oils). They can service the equipment they use, check the stock levels of cleaning materials, and make places look presentable and tidy.

What we do:

a) My Flavor Catering & Allied Services Company is here to offer "YOU" Business & Corporate catering, Special Events catering, Wedding & Party catering, door-2-door, off-premise, lunch drop-offincludes supply to your office or home, intimate dinner parties, business meetings, conferences, exhibitions, and other social occasions.
b) My Flavor Catering & Allied Services Company's specialized services (window cleaning, carpet, waxing, partitioning and ceiling cleaning) deep cleansing, industrial cleaning of new buildings, hospital wards, cleaning up after fires and specialized floor striping, gardening etc. !

Why we:

YOU can trust My Flavor Catering & Allied Services Company because;
1) Catering:
a. We would prefer to makeour proposal after serving you a taster (either at your place or ours) containing of variety of items from our Menu ranging from Kurdish to English and Asian to Arabic;
b. Our experts use the best cooking equipment and expertise to provide you with food tasting especially good from the freshest ingredients, spices, flavoring and grains of certified brands manufactured in developed and developing countries. We also try to buy from local growers at every possible opportunity. You will never find suspicious 'filler' ingredients in your food. Our staff is also capable of handling large number of guests professionally.
c. We do not use food dyes or preservatives. Wheneverit is possible, we use organic foods.
d. We will be pleased to provide a complete list of ingredients for any dish affirmed in menu when finalizing your contract.
e. We can also accommodate special diets to Vegan and Non-Vegetarian guests, Diabetics, on Gluten-Free Diet and/ or with food allergies- If informed in advance!
2) Cleaning:
a. We have detail-oriented cleaning crews and a system to ensure visible quality control of the crew through Man-in –Charge to maintain as well as on special request and emergency situations.
b. We inspect all the time andare in constant communication with cleaning staff, and clients through Director Operations.
c. All staff is screened and fully trained to our exact standards;
d. Only the most modern, premium-quality equipment is used;
e. Appropriate cleaning chemicals, diluted wherenecessary to the correct constituencies, are used i.e. not harmful to delicate or valuable surfaces;
f. Outmost care is taken to protect walls, furniture and other home/ office equipment;
g. Your company rules, regulations and customs become part of our culture;
h. Courtesy, neatness and friendliness are theprincipals of our staff;
i. We get you good prices on paper products, liners, chemicals and specialty products.

We offer you a high level service by taking "YOUR" needs and budget strength into account.

Where we are:

Our office is easy to access. You can contact us also by email or phone.

a) Physical access:

b) Electronic access:
c) Telephonic access:
For any information: info@myflavorcatering.com +964 751 7558525
For Careers: Hr@myflavorcatering.com +964 750 2889542
For Operations: Opsdir@myflavorcatering.com